Have you ever been on a beach, mountain, or lake vacation and found yourself wondering:

What kind of creatures are lurking in the water? What kind of animals might I run into in the woods?

I know I have! I’ve seen the occasional fin or dark shadow moving in the ocean and found myself curious about the presence of sharks, jellyfish, sea urchins, and more. Things you probably don’t want to run into while you’re trying to enjoy a vacation.

I’ve even been stung by a jellyfish — more than once, unfortunately.

Vacation Wildlife is here to help you learn about the wildlife and local habitat wherever you happen to be visiting.

We want to help you better understand potentially dangerous animals like sharks, bears, snakes, and jellyfish, so hopefully you realize there’s nothing to fear — as long as you practice basic safety measures, of course.

Evan Porter, Editor

I started this site in 2021, shortly after a trip to Tybee Island, GA with my wife.

We saw tons of people shark fishing on the beach and couldn’t help but wonder what they might be hauling in. Plus, we’ve got two little ones and we had a lot of questions about whether they’d be safe in the water.

After brainstorming on the drive back to our house outside Atlanta, GA, the idea for Vacation Wildilfe was born!

I’m no wildlife expert, but I’m a writer and editor with 10+ years of publishing experience. My work has appeared on:

  • Huffington Post
  • Upworthy
  • Mindbodygreen
  • Parents Magazine
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • AskMen
  • And more

You can contact me with any questions at esporter113 at gmail dot com.